Set of 20 Watercolor Coloring Post Cards – “Sparrows. Riga, Latvia”




Set of Watercolor Coloring cards with 20 coloring pages is a perfect gift for your friends and family.

A set of 20 cards of THE SAME DESIGN, original artwork from collection “Sounds of the City” by Kristine Graudule Putniece.

Coloring pages

Sounds of the city is our first collection of watercolor coloring pages, coloring books and coloring postcards from Riga to Rome and from New York to Moscow and to Semarang. Full collection – the 16 different views on city as home for many of us is available as postcards here

About paper

We have carefully selected paper that is suitable both for dry coloring materials like pencils, felt tip end, pens, crayons, and for wet mediums as well – watercolors, brush pens, inks, aquarelle pencils and others.


Stay coolored!

Additional information

Weight 200 g


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