Weekends are like nice “pause” button in our everyday rush. Just push it and everything falls into right places. All those tiny everyday duties disappear when we are calm and balanced. We have found that drawing and experimenting with flowing colors, feeling the touch of dry brush against your wrist and wet brush tip on your lips (common – who doesn’t do that?), then seeing the beauty of colors mixing and new world appearing is what we call perfect “pause” button. One fine art coloring page per weekend will become your Sunday morning coffee companion.

With this membership you will receive a coloring project for every weekend of the year. These fine art illustrations come from the artists around the globe and are printed on high quality watercolor paper. Take some time from the busy week and relax and enjoy creating a piece of art. We have started a blueprint, and you can complete it with your vision – whether with watercolors or inks, colored pencils or markers. Bring some art into your life as you co-create with us.

We are starting our membership with artworks from our first collection “Sounds of the City” and our next collection “Kitchen stories” will come out in February 2018.

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Our membership includes

  • 4-5 monthly unique fine art coloring pages created by artists from all over the world – that’s total of 52 (A4 | 8.3in x 11.7in | 210mm x 297mm) fine art images
  • 10% discount from our store merchandise
  • occasional bonuses.

Choose one of our billing plans

(Monthly plan)

€ 8.5,-

(Yearly plan)

€ 86.7,-