For Artists is an artists’ community working on co-create projects that result in common products like coloring books, calendars and cards. We are open to new forms and new products, so we enjoy taking new paths in common adventure. If you feel like you want to be one of the community and become contributing artist full with ideas for new products, you are very welcome to join our community. Just send “hi” with your portfolio to and we will add you to our online chat room.

Kitchen Stories

Currently we are working on our new theme: “Kitchen Stories” with deadline for sketches January 15. You are welcome to participate and send your work to We can’t promise to print every single work we receive, but we want to see works from different parts of the world and different viewpoints of the topic.

50:50 profit share

Our project will always be 50:50 profit share, meaning that 50% of all profit goes to participating artists. This is how we can develop our passion for drawing, how we can develop our talent and invest in new creative experiments. We are proud co-owners of the project.