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Tips & tricks: how to start and when to end

Just by looking at black and white ink drawing next to watercolors, we can imagine so many possibilities. This is a great starting point – just pick the illustration and start mixing the colors. I chose sparrows – I had clear plan how to overcome the confusing feeling of starting and having too much choices. I googled for “sparrow” in images. Then I observed them very carefully, paying special attention to different color tones. Before my “research” I thought that sparrows are brownish grey, but after looking at them, I started to notice that there are so many types of brown and grey. To make my coloring more interesting, I decided to exaggerate those little differences. I saw a little bit of blue and of red, and of course yellow. And who said that all sparrows should look like real ones? They are mine, so I can choose their look. I started with tails, Then continued with spots that could be in the same color tone. After some work I took break (you will notice that day turns into night). I like to take breaks, they help to refresh my eye. I have noticed that I always like the beginning of my drawing, then I have a feeling then I have spoiled everything, but I know that it takes just a little bit to get painting in good shape again. I try to take break before first spoiling or after I have colored some time, but still like the outcome. And I choose to finish my drawing before second spoiling or when I love my artwork again after rescuing first failure. Thank you, Kristine, for the lines, I enjoyed finishing those little creatures!

Here are some other versions of sparrows:

By Zane Karklina:

by Madara Lazdina:

by Agnese Zvirbule: