Tips & tricks: how to start and when to end

Just by looking at black and white ink drawing next to watercolors, we can imagine so many possibilities. This is a great starting point – just pick the illustration and start mixing the colors. I chose sparrows – I had clear plan how to overcome the confusing feeling of starting and having too much choices. […]

Meet our artist: Rudy Murdock

Rudy Murdock is artist based in Indonesia, with great passion for art, music, food and motorcycles. Here is a recent interview with him reflecting on his artists journey. Rudy, tell me a bit about yourself? I was born in military family and there was a lot of discipline. I am happy because I chose arts, […]

Tips & tricks: a bit of gold

Just before Christmas season I quite spontaneously bought Winsor & Newton gold gouache. I would never think of myself painting something in gold, but it seemed so appropriate this season. It is an amazing medium to make anything festive and it is really hard to spoil something. The only case would be to use it […]

Meet our artist: Jutta Richter

Jutta Richter, born in 1966, living and working in Bavaria, Germany. When did you start drawing? I drew as a child. When all of my girlfriends wanted to be models or singers, I dreamed to be a comic illustrator and later I thought I could design clothes. When I grew up, I worked in […]