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Meet our artist: Jutta Richter

Jutta Richter,
born in 1966, living and working in Bavaria, Germany.

When did you start drawing?

I drew as a child. When all of my girlfriends wanted to be models or singers, I dreamed to be a comic illustrator and later I thought I could design clothes. When I grew up, I worked in the family business in electronic engineering. My dream, to be an artist, was set aside during these years. But a little flame still burned inside. As I went for walks with my husband, I always thought how great it would be to paint the beautiful nature. Many years later, in 2002 my husband gifted me an easel. I tried to paint in a more abstract way. I had to discover that I could not draw. I can’t stand that. I bought books and searched the web for artists group. I observed so many art works. I learned so much during the last few years. I’m a self-taught artist. There is still so much to discover and  I hope to increase my skills with every day.

What is your favorite subject to draw? Is there one?

I love to draw and paint portraits. People, their faces and the figures never get boring. And I practice Urban Sketching. I love technical stuff, like cars, machines etc.

Do you have some favorite materials, mediums, tools?

I love working with ink. My favorite tools are my fountain pen, my ink liners and my ink brush pen. But I also use pencil quite often. I color my drawings with watercolors.
I work in every media, from pencil to oil.

Is there some special place you love to draw?

I love to draw people in the train. Once a month I draw with the Urban Sketchers Munich and I take the train. One hour to draw people.

Do you have a studio?

I have a work-space, where I have my computer and my easel. Not a real studio. About 15 square-meters where I hoard my drawing and painting  materials next to my ironing and sewing machine. I stay there in the evenings and nights, and in the wintertime.
My other studio is outside in the nature and the city. The best studio ever!

Do you listen to music when drawing? If yes, what kind of, if not, why?

Sometimes I listen to music. I like Alternative Rock and Pop, Grunge or sometimes classic. But often I don’t even hear it when I get in my flow. I don’t recognize surroundings. I even forget the time. Outside – I often listen to music with headphones to keep people away.

Do you feel attached to your works? Is it easy to give them away? Sell or send as postcards?

Yes! I feel attached. My works are my babies, sometimes good looking, sometimes ugly so only a mother can love them. That’s why I scan or take a picture of every drawing or painting. But it also depends on the circumstances. If it is a paid work, I try to keep an emotional distance. I know from the beginning, that the drawing is going to leave me. And then, it is okay.

Why did you start sending postcards?

Haha…I want to receive postcards. It is a “quid pro quo”. It is not easy to let them go. But the cards I receives are worth it.