About us

We came together – a web designer, a printing house owner and an artist and photographer. Co-creating. We invited other artists to the community and this is how our first collection of art for water-coloring book was created. We put all our efforts in this project and in just over two months it is nearing a completion. We don’t know where our co-creation journey will take us , but we enjoy our company and hope to grow the community of coolored.art.

Our project will always be 50:50 profit share, meaning that 50% of all profit goes to participating artists. This is how we can develop our passion for drawing, how we can develop our talent and invest in new creative experiments. The artists that are participating in this project create the beautiful scenes from places around the world, and we are excited to deliver this to you. So you can re-imagine the artwork with your colors and brush strokes.

Coolored stands for many ideas. This is a co-project. We are co-authors and artists co-create with you. The artists have done part of the artwork and given it to you to finish. We are happy for you to co- sign the artwork as your coloring is co-creating the final piece. Coolored is also for cooling down. Art, painting, drawing, coloring, water-coloring helps to slow down and forget the heat of everyday rush, and to look inward and out.

We decided on water-coloring idea for our first collection, because we want to encourage you to start using wet mediums like watercolors, brush pens, water-soluble pencils and crayons as well as other paints or inks. We have selected paper that allows you to paint without any concern that the artwork would buckle.

So join us in this Coolored journey!